CMVeco-4-160/160-025S RU

  • maximum efficiency Qmax 600 m3/h
  • static pressure Ps 220 Pa
  • tension U 230 V
  • power P 250 W
  • current Imax 2.4 A
  • speed nmax 1400 obr/min
  • operating temperature t -20 - 40 °C
  • acoustic pressureLWA 39 dB(A)
  • weight m 15 kg
  • section Φ 160 mm


CMVeco centrifugal fans are designed for the transport of aggressive chemicals, humid gases or fumes. Suitable for use in extraction systems and fume hoods in chemical industry and are widely used in public buildings such as hospitals, laboratories, school.


The standard drivetrain with direct drive. Heat-moulded housing can be made of the following plastics: PP, PPs, PPs-el, PE, PVC, PVDF. Available are impellers made of PPS, PPS-EL, or PVDF, with 20 blades curved forward.

The hub is made of aluminum alloy, additionally coated with a layer of plastic. The base with a motor shield made of galvanized steel, made of AISI304 stainless steel - available on request.

Electric motor

Asynchronous three-phase 230 / 400V-50Hz or 230V-50Hz single-phase motor with capacitor. The motors are manufactured according to IEC 60072 and IEC 60034 standards, CE-marked. Insulation class F, degree of protection IP 55.

Single-phase motors are suitable for voltage rotation speed control. Three-phase motors are designed to be regulated with frequency inverter. They come standard without thermal protection. Motors for other voltage and frequency, efficiency class, higher degree of protection, with an independent cooling system, with sensors (bimetallic or PTC) can be supplied on request.